Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sandhill Cranes

Yesterday morning I decided that some walking exercise would be better than spending time in the car, so I headed out to Springbrook Nature Center. I was there from about sunrise until 10 a.m.; but got off very few shots. Where are the birds? After some coffee and a little rest at home, my frustration didn't diminish. Being too tired to do much walking I drove to Carlos Avery. My luck there wasn't much better (I'll post a few pictures from both places later).
I do want to pass on a tip for those of you who may want to to see some Sandhill Cranes. The one on the left was in the Pool 3 area yesterday. However, in the same place where Les & I saw quite a few of them a week ago last Thursday and also last Tuesday, I saw several pairs yesterday as several more flew in. I tried to look for crane chicks, but the pairs that were already there were in deep grass that would would have hidden them.
Therefore, if you want to see Sandhill Cranes, go to Carlos in the mid or late afternoon, drive on the road between Pools 5 and 6, stop just South of the road leading to Pool 6, get out your binoculars, or preferably a scope, and look Southwesterly over Pool 4.