Sunday, July 29, 2007

Carlos Avery - 7/29/07

I didn't check, but it's been a long time since I've gotten out birding -- even longer since I've been to Carlos. As one birder has said, "If you're too busy to go birding, you are too busy."
I agree, but that hasn't kept me from working at the expense of birding. But enough of self-pity!
My first chance to get out was this afternoon with the temps pushing 90. I didn't expect to see many birds and I was right.
I found a few geese sitting in a mud flat and a crow or sparrow here and there. The only active birds were the Goldfinches -- and that could be due to the fact that they are late nesters.
I did find this Bald Eagle nearly a half-mile from the road. But, a 400mm lens with a 2x converter gave me this result. I watched it for a while and most of the time it was spreading its wings in an apparent attempt to cool off a little.
However, I do have hopes for tomorrow morning when I'll be heading out to Springbrook.
Stay tuned!