Friday, September 21, 2007

Hawk Ridge 9/20-21

Why is it that when I go out of town for a birding trip, fog & rain follow me? (Remember Blue Cloud Abbey & Big Stone NWR?)
Yesterday I did not even attempt to drive up to Hawk Ridge (see the raindrops on the window?) but spent the afternoon reading, visiting with my daughter, and enjoying an excellent dinner at the New Scenic Cafe (about 10-12 mi. north of Duluth on Lake Superior).

I did make it up to the ridge this morning about 10 a.m. -- the fog was so thick I could not see downtown Duluth or the lake. But within an hour or so the fog was beginning to lift and, yes, some hawks did fly by.
At any one time there were two to three dozen visitors (people, that is) -- many from out of state, judging by license plates and hellos -- I met several who had traveled here from as far as Colorado.
I'll be posting some pictures over the weekend.