Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crex Meadows redux - on the ground

Jim & I had a good time yesterday revisiting Crex Meadows. Our bird species count was low -- a few Red-tailed Hawks, a couple of Bald Eagles, a bunch of crows, and a few smaller birds I couldn't identify. The highlight, however, was the two to three dozen Rough-legged Hawks. They were in the air, in trees, and on the ground. I do not know whether they were just passing through or settling in for the winter. They are the subject of most of my posts today and tomorrow.
All of the posted pictures were taken with my XTi and Canon's 300mm f/4 lens. I am disappointed with the small size of the resulting bird images and plan to switch back to the 400mm even though I have to use it on a tripod for ultimate sharpness.

This Bald Eagle was surrounded by 8 or 10 crows -- however, the eagle did not seem to be bothered by them.
In the air shots tomorrow.