Saturday, September 19, 2009

found 'em!

The running joke in our group was when Stan said the van would leave at 5:30, some of us would respond with, "P.M., right?" Wrong!
We were on our way and entered Necedah National Wildlife Refuge well before sunrise. After picking up our guides Caitlin & Jess at the Refuge's headquarters, we were off to find Whooping Cranes in the wild. The mist or fog was extremely heavy. Nevertheless, we encountered our first pair of Whoopers within a short time. In the cool & silent fog they made me think of ghost birds. What do you think?

As we approached sunrise, the fog began to lift.

And we came upon this second pair.

I was so excited to see these rare birds in the wild.

Next:  teaching Whooping Crane chicks to migrate