Friday, October 30, 2009

Magic Mouse

This morning I visited the nearby Apple Store. After looking and trying the new Magic Mouse, I got one for $69. Do you need one for your Mac? It depends. The Magic Mouse is not revolutionary, but (1) it is pretty, and (2) it does make navigation easier (there is no scrolling mini-ball to get dirty) and faster by using your fingers on the mouse (see photo below). I like it!


While at the store, I also looked at the new desktop iMacs. The 27" wide-screen model has the best screen I've ever seen. If my 24" wasn't a rather recent purchase, I would seriously consider upgrading. You have to see the 27" to appreciate it (at the same price as the previous 24"). In spite of the 27" inch monitor, I think my next Mac will be the 17" laptop -- also amazing with extraordinary battery life! It won't replace the desktop, but will give me portability plus added security against crashes.