Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sax Zim Bog

Yesterday I went to Duluth and had the opportunity to visit Sax/Zim Bog for a few hours. As many birders know, this is a unique and wonderful place, particularly in winter when many birds from Canada migrate to this spot for "warmer" weather and food. As we approached Duluth at sunrise, my car thermometer was -16 degrees F. I'm not sure whether it was the weather or some other reason, but many of the birds I hoped to see, especially the owls, evaded me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the sunny day (which warmed to +7) and the few birds I did get the chance to photograph. 
Many of the residents are preparing for the Sax/Zim Bog birding festival in February and have already set up feeding stations. I will be sharing some photos from those sites, as well as from my quick passage through some of the favorite birding spots. For more information about the area and the Festival, check out Mike Hendrickson's blog and the Festival's site.



If you stop by the feeding stations, many of them will give you an opportunity to contribute towards their maintenance -- please do so!
more to come