Sunday, June 6, 2010


In May, when I traveled to Eastern South Dakota and Western Minnesota, I stopped at a state park near Mud Lake, just west of Wheaton, and came upon this Killdeer.
She crossed the road and started to slowly walk away from me. I knew what she wanted me to do.
She wanted me to follow her. I must have been close to her nest. Killdeer will try to lead their "enemies" away from the nest by feigning injury.
"Can't you see I'm hurt? Come and get me!"
"Look! Even my wing is broken! Aren't you coming?"
Of course, I did follow.
By this time we were more than 50 yards from where I first met her. We looked at each other.
She was such a fine looking bird and a terrific mother. I felt bad that I had caused her concern. So we said goodbye and parted.