Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the moon?

It seems like I can't do both, take bird pictures and the stars/planets/moon. But, it's all part of God's creation, right?
These were taken tonight with my Questar 3.5", a 24mm Williams Optics eyepiece, and my old Nikon Coolpix 995. I'm not totally pleased with the eyepiece since I see some color fringing, but I think it will be OK on birds and other subjects without as much contrast as the nearly full moon. I got the eyepiece since it screws directly on to the Coolpix and, therefore, is so easy to use.
My Q's base is at Questar Corp. for installation of a new, battery powered drive, so these shots were taken with just a regular tripod -- the exposures ranged from 1/15 - 1/60 sec. at about f/5.1. The color balance was set for sunlight and not modified in any way.
Actually, as intrigued as I am with astronomical photography, I am anxious to use this same combination of scope, eyepiece, camera on birds -- hopefully, within the next few days.