Saturday, July 26, 2008

pigeons looking for a clean Porsche

No -- this picture was not taken by me, but rather by Sam Javanrouh and it does have birds.
I've been subscribing to his daily emails since I enjoy his use of extreme wide angle lenses at perspectives that appear normal -- contrary to most other extreme wide angle shots. He is careful to have parallel verticals & exemplary in accurate exposure for what are often cloudy or night views.

As nature/bird photographers we often forget that there is more to photography. One exception among the blogs I visit regularly is John Mikes of the Weekend Shooter. Another who has just gotten into wide angle shooting is Craig of Craig's Birds.
They and Sam are inspiring me to look at wide angle shooting (which seems contrary to most ideas of nature/bird photography). I plan to do so when I take off next Thursday for a week of bird photography in Eastern South Dakota out of Blue Cloud Abbey.
For more of Sam's pictures, go to his site here and explore his talent. If you like what you see, sign up for the daily emails -- they certainly brighten my day and challange me to do better.