Thursday, October 16, 2008

400mm lens experiment -- III

Since my trip to Crex was postponed, I am continuing with my 400mm lens experiment. For details as to what I was trying to accomplish, please look at the introductions of the posts for the previous two days. All of the photos are hand-held at f/5.6. The selections are the best from sequences ranging from 3-10.

4/5 of full frame  1/4000 sec.

1/8 full frame  1/400 sec.
This is a significant crop of the full frame, but I wanted to see how much detail would be preserved when shooting at 1/400 sec. with a hand-held 400 mm lens. I think the results would have been even better with more lighting.

1/6 full frame  1/160

1/6 full frame  1/4000

full frame  1/4000   No wonder sparrows are so hard to find!

1/6 full frame  1/4000  He'd had enough of me!
the rest to follow