Saturday, October 18, 2008

400mm lens experiment -- IV

This is the final installment of testing my ability to hand-hold Canon's 400mm f/5.6 lens w/out image stabilization. I won't repeat the details; if you missed them, please check the previous 3 days of posts. Comments, as always, are welcome.

4/5 of full frame -- 1/1000 sec.

3/5 of full frame -- 1/200 sec.

1/5 of full frame -- 1/250 sec.

1/6 of full frame -- 1/2000 sec.

1/2 of full frame -- 1/1600 sec.
My conclusions from this testing:  Yes, I can hand-hold the 400mm given good light, high ISOs (and, consequently, high shutter speed), sequential/continual shooting, and minimal cropping. I felt sufficiently confident so that when I finally did get to Crex Meadows this morning, most of my shots were hand-held. I also visited the Fish Lake Wildlife Area -- but more about that in future posts. (It will take me a day or so to edit the 500+ shots.)
I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and kind words.