Friday, November 28, 2008

Monticello swans?

With a clear sky and temps to hit over 40, I thought this would be a good day to check out the swans at Monticello. I did look at the chamber of commerce web site to see if there was anything new - nada!
Arriving at sunrise, about 7:30a, I noted a strange quiet -- walking toward the river I discovered no swans, but only about 100-150 mallards. A fellow from the neighborhood pointed out the above sign to me and gave me a brief explanation. Sheila Lawrence, who has been feeding the birds for over 10 years, started thinking about who is going to continue the effort when she is gone. Also, she underwrites about $10,000 of the cost each year. (About $4000 comes in from donations.) Consequently, in order to encourage migration by the swans, she has postponed feeding until January 1.
You won't find the explanation by going to the site on the sign; I never did find the press release, but located this from the council minutes (click here ).
I'm emailing the chamber and asking them to place a notice on their site that feeding will not start until January 1 and to consider funding this tourist attraction.
A number of swans did fly by while I was there and I will be posting pictures later.