Sunday, January 6, 2008

Carlos Avery today

As the temperature hit the 40s this afternoon, I decided it was time for my first visit of the year to Carlos Avery Wildlife Refuge.

Not having a 4-wheel drive vehicle, I was a little worried about the roads; I need not have been -- they were fine.

What was not fine was the lack of wildlife. In addition to the tree mushrooms, all I saw & heard was some chickadees, a few crows, and some woodpeckers -- no hawks or owls or anything else.

I had more action at my feeders this morning.

Secretly, I was hoping the Short-ear owls of last winter had returned (see above) -- but I didn't see any.

I stayed until sunset, since that is when the Short-ears come out.

But, as empty and quiet as Carlos is in January, it will only be a few months before it starts to come alive.