Saturday, April 26, 2008

birds vs. windows

Shortly after I posted my problems with the persistent Robin who kept attacking my windows, Cathi Gagliardi of St. Paul sent the following to the MOU Listserv, which I'm copying with her permission:
Bummer about the window strikes....that "thump" is the worst sound ever. Window decals are excellent to prevent this if positioned on the "outside" of the window. You may need to purchase quite a few though, depending on how big the glass is and it's best to be positioned 4" apart. This will really break up the reflection of what they see and if applied
using the 4" rule, they will realize that their wings will not fit through the area of glass that will still be visible (reflective).
Wild Birds Unlimited sells these window decals and you can get a package of 4 for around $7.
They come in Butterflies, Maple leafs and another one that I can't think of right now but they're not that bad of an eye-sore to your windows as they're clear and not colored.
Some places carry some pretty big Hawk silhouettes but they are very noticeable, as they are all black.