Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Who reflects too much will accomplish little."

With apologies to Johann Schiller for borrowing the above quote,
take a look at what has kept me busy for the last several days.

Last Wednesday I saw this Robin on one of my feeders. I didn't know they ate Niger seeds or suet!

He wasn't eating from the feeder -- he was using it as a launching pad ...

... and aiming for his reflection in the window!

I first tried turning on all of the lights in the room thinking that this might minimize the reflection he was seeing. Didn't work!

He was back again ...

... and again! He wasn't getting hurt -- he's been doing it for several days! Why wasn't he looking for a mate? -- or watching Animal Planet?

Robins are afraid of hawks and owls, aren't they?
A brilliant solution:
I will make prints of some of my owl and hawk photos and tape them to the window!

While it worked for a little while, pretty soon he was back, aiming for the spots in the windows not covered.

My latest solution:

So far, it's working!

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