Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crex Meadows II

The fall colors are beginning to arrive at Crex and will probably be at their peak in two weeks or so.

An interesting feature at the North-east corner of Crex is the "Sand Blow" at Auto Stop 14. The sand at this spot is up to 80 feet deep as a result of a glacial lake which covered most of the county. The sand is constantly blown by the wind and vegetation doesn't have a chance to take root. Several sedges, grasses, and mosses have adapted to sandy soil and are growing along the periphery.

Who do you suppose lives here?

It isn't this critter, although he has managed to make a large excavation on Phantom Lake Road. Another good reason to have All-wheel Drive.
For pictures of some plant life at Crex, take a look at my other blog.