Friday, September 19, 2008

Crex Meadows

I hadn't been to Crex Meadows since last fall -- so it was good to get back early this morning. I was expecting more migration action than I saw. Very few hawks. Nothing special re ducks. Maybe several hundred cranes; I don't know what their nesting population is, but I wondered if these were residents. Looking at my last year's notes, during an early November visit we saw many more cranes and tons of raptors. I think I'll shoot for a return visit around the middle of October.
You can keep up to date on activities at Crex through their web site.
Note the big Fall Festival October 5th.
The Grantsburg downtown cafe with the faux log finish serves excellent breakfasts!

shortly after sunrise, the geese were waking up

the swans were posing

and ducks were feeding on ?

what is that?

more to follow