Tuesday, March 16, 2010

looking for Spring at Springbrook Nature Center

With yesterday's temp hitting 60 again and the sun being out most of the time, I headed out to Springbrook Nature Center to look for signs of Spring. All of the photos below (except the last one & the closeup of Pussy Willows) are from my iPhone.
I love this place for a number of reasons, the first being it's only 15 min. from my house. Second, it is a great place to see migrating birds. Third, it helps keep me in shape since exploration has to be on foot along the many paths.
   I knew if I wore my large, waterproof boots I would not really need them.
I know it's a stretch, but these bridges remind me of those painted by Monet.
Flowing creeks and Pussy Willows are signs of Spring.


Some winter damage.
Some Beaver damage. Another sign of Spring?

Yes, I think I found Spring at Springbrook.  
But what about the birds? The above is just a teaser for my next posts.