Monday, March 29, 2010

Sandhill Cranes at Crex Meadows

He:  "Why can't we stay at Crex? This looks like a nice place."
She:  "But all our friends are going on to Canada. There's no reason to stay here!"
He:  "We could just stay here and not have to fly any further. Let's just look around."
He:  "I know I haven't been giving you as much attention as I should. Maybe we need a little courtship dancing. What do you say?"
He:  "Hey, Baby! Look at me! Look over here! Let me show you what I can do!"
He:  "See! I can show you a good time -- right here -- in Wisconsin!"

He:  "Has anyone else jumped this high for you? Huh? Have they?"
He:  "Hey! You aren't even looking at me!"
She:  "My mother was right! You just aren't going to amount to anything. All show and no go!"
She:  "I'm off to Canada. You can stay here if you want to! See how you'll do without me! You're following me, aren't you?"