Tuesday, April 19, 2011

from Circle View into the Badlands

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the sunrise view from my window at Circle View Guest Ranch

Owners, Phil and Amy Kruse, have a fantastic back yard! The morning breakfast was delicious and filling. The morning coffee was among the best I've had. When I asked Amy what kind of beans she used, she replied with a slight grin, "Folgers!" Of course, I didn't tell her that I am a bit of a coffee snob. The only explanation I have is that she made it extra strong -- or was it the clear, fresh air, views that didn't stop, and old fashioned hospitality? I highly recommend Circle View (a few miles west of Interior on Highway 44).

Before heading into the Badlands, I had to tour Interior. If the resolution on your computer prevents reading the sign, it states:

I was born of wagons west. The oldest town in the Badlands. I’ve known drought and winters, fierce storms. Three times fire has swept my streets. Yet, my rodeos were known through out the N.West. Yakima Knute -- Stroud -- Earl Thode, champions all have ridden my arenas. The great Jim Thorpe has played my fields. The early music of Lawrence Welk has sounded in my nights. This is a land that bred great Indian chiefs and mighty warriors -- now it is a land of neighbors.

and into the Badlands we go

near the entrance of the Park I was greeted by this small herd of deer
(more to follow)