Wednesday, April 6, 2011

wind and snow in western South Dakota

someplace east of Wall, SD
not that much snow, but the wind was incredible, as is often the case in South Dakota

Bufalo Gap National Grasslands
too windy to get out of the car for very long

few tourists at Wall Drug, which hasn't changed in the 8 years since I had been there
they still have free ice water, 5 cent coffee, and great, home-made type donuts

Bighorn sheep along the road in Hill City as I was returning to Coyote Blues Village, a wonderful place to stay! Hanspeter and Christine are most gracious and the breakfast/lunch is incredible.

the view from my window next morning

one of two friendly felines
all of the above shots were taken with my iPhone due to my being lazy, cold, and tired
Leica photos tomorrow