Monday, April 18, 2011

on to the "top of the world"

It was getting late in the afternoon. The good folks at Coyote Blues had recommended the Circle View Guest Ranch near Interior, SD. 

A few miles west of Interior, I found the driveway to the Ranch. This view is to the north looking back, half-way up a butte -- I couldn't even see the buildings but knew they must be near the top of the world. The view in all directions was breathtaking, but being tired & hungry I put off photography to the next morning when, hopefully, the sun would be shining.

posted on the fridge at Circle View

I wasn't about to make a 60mi. round trip to Wall to look for a restaurant. Phil, who owns Circle View with his wife, Amy, recommended the Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill in Interior. The review posted on the Wagon Wheel link is pretty accurate. I had pizza that was filling, if not of gourmet quality, and some Mexican beer that was surprisingly good. It was time to hit the sack and look forward to exploring the Badlands in the morning.
(more to follow)