Thursday, March 19, 2009

finally, KEARNEY!

approaching Kearney we saw many Sandhill Cranes engaging in courtship displays

it was also great to see them flying at close range

about 8p we were finally ready for dinner at Skeeters, across the parking lot from our Holiday Inn Express; we needed 2 booths for the 12 of us

Stan was asking advice from the waiter about the advantages of pulled pork

Friday morning, while it was totally dark outside, we were already waiting at the Rowe Center to be led to our blind

at first I was disappointed since there seemed to be no Cranes near us
but as it became more light we spotted a large group to our left

20 minutes later, the sun was rising

many of the Cranes had already taken to the air


but our group seemed to be in no hurry to leave

there were a few break-aways

finally - TAKEOFF!

and we were getting ready to depart

leaving behind an empty Platte River

more to come