Tuesday, March 17, 2009

on the way to Kearney, Nebraska

I've started editing the 1600+ photos from my recent trip to Kearney, Nebraska
in the quest for Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese & other wildlife.
The pictures are in chronological order, starting very early last Thursday, March 12.

One has to love birds to get up this early!

 following our bus to park the cars at the Eden Prairie police station

not only was it early, it was cold as we watched the sun rise through frosty windows

Tom maxed out his credit card cleaning the window

but the gas in Iowa was cheap

I was surprised at the number of wind farms along the way

On the left, front is Stan Tekiela, trip organizer, leader, driver, 
Stanwich maker, and excellent photographer & author.
For more info on Stan and his work take a look at his site:  http://www.naturesmart.com/ 

another pit stop -- for coffee, etc., not chapel

it was easy to nap after staring at the road for hours

Our first birding-significant stop was at 3 p.m. at Mormon Island Lake, Grand Island, Nebraska.
On the right is Stan with his camera. While we were there, Amber, from our group was interviewed by a local TV station; another couple appears in the clip which you can view here .

Snow Geese all over the water -- they could not have been closer together

Snow Geese in the air


more to come