Friday, March 20, 2009

last Friday at Kearney, Nebraska

lots of Bald Eagles along the Platte River
we saw this pair last Friday morning as we left the Rowe Sanctuary blind 

Sandhill Cranes were flying all over the place making their distinctive calls
anyone know where I can get their call for a ringtone on my iPhone?

also, lots of ducks along the Platte

most of these were Northern Pintails

the Sandhill Cranes on the ground were continuing their courtship behavior

while the skies were filled with Snow Geese
the dark ones are blue morphs, also known as Blue Geese

courtship behavior in the larger flocks of Sandhills was quite chaotic
someone in our group compared it to popcorn popping with so many cranes jumping in the air

more Sandhills

Northern Shovelers

Stanwich stop at a Prairie Dog village on the outskirts of Republican City
I will resist making comments about the name of the town other than noting that all of our group appeared to be of one political persuasion

our next stop was the Harlan County Reservoir
the white immediately below the horizon? 
no, it's not ice - those are thousands and thousands of Snow Geese

another flock of Snow Geese to the east

as we walked along the shore we startled this Snow Goose - it appeared to be injured

more to follow