Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today's trip to Carlos turned out to be a bummer. Shortly after I took the picture on the right I lost a contact lens. After searching for it for over an hour (I was in my car when it happened) I had to give up, go home, and order a replacement (by Friday, if I'm lucky). The prescription on my old contacts is way outdated -- I may have to forgo birding until I can see again.
I intended to take some pictures of the car-window camera mount, but did not do that either. I'm not happy with the arrangement because the panning head on the mount lifts the camera too high to be comfortable. (I have a low car with a low roof; the side windows are not very tall.) I'll have to look for a different panning arrangement. The mount itself works OK - it is rather light weight - but so was the price. $28, free shipping from Eagle Optics. I bought the version without the head since I have several panning heads laying around. Looking at Eagle's head, I think mine sits almost as low.
Lots to do - so little time.