Friday, June 8, 2007

Carlos Avery this afternoon

Today started with good intentions as my friend, Jim, and I headed out to Carlos Avery. I was anxious to get more acquainted with my new camera body, the Canon XTi; Jim wanted to see some Sandhill Cranes (more about the latter in my next posting).
Our trip turned into a series of small confusions.
First, is that a Mallard on the right & left? The reason I ask (and it is not that clear in the pictures) is that the head seemed black rather than the usual green (sometimes blue, depending on how the sun hits it).
Second confusion: Jim was taking some pictures of a Great Blue Heron -- but, tonight, as I'm downloading the images, no GBHeron. How come? The only thing that comes to mind is that Jim was too gentle with my camera and didn't push down hard enough on the shutter. When the image came into focus he heard the in-focus-beep & probably thought he had taken a picture. We'll just have to go back & practice till he gets it right. Maybe he'll see the light and abandon his quest for a Leica M8 which is not made for bird photos.
Third confusion: is that an immature Bald Eagle below?
Fourth confusion: why do people have to act stupid in a nature preserve and wreck roads & kill defenseless turtles?
It's a lot easier to ask the questions than come up with the answers. But it was a beautiful, sunny, cool day with a light breeze and few mosquitoes -- deer & Sandhill Cranes in the distance -- wild roses nearby.