Monday, June 4, 2007


Earlier this evening I told my granddaughter, Anna, to check out the pictures of the otter I had posted on this blog. Her response was, "What's an otter doing on a bird blog?"
By the same reasoning, I suppose a cat is even worse on a bird blog. But when I got home tonight, the battery for my new XTi was all charged up and I had to shoot something. Outdoors it was dark, so Sophie was it.
P.S. She's about 19 years old; not too bad for an old gal!

Now that I've actually taken a few shots with the new camera, here's what I like:
1. The large screen, not only for viewing pictures, but also the camera settings; I won't need my reading glasses to see them.
2. The camera is much more quiet than the 20D.
3. Without using the manual I was able to set the basics such as date, time, ISO speed, etc. -- very intuitive.
So far, so good! I feel like it should be Christmas -- or at least my birthday.