Tuesday, May 20, 2008

blogging, birding, photography

I have been encouraged to keep this blog going by fellow bloggers, birders, and photographers. Their work inspires me to get up before sunrise for picture taking; those who know me are incredulous. If you haven't looked at these blogs lately, do so!

Birdchick is simply fun -- you never know what she will do next -- from keeping bees -- to organizing pub nights -- while digiscoping and blogging about birds.

Craig's photography is achieving new levels and his descriptions of birding are always interesting. He has helped me identify birds, kindly suggested software & equipment options, and always encouraged me.

Ecobirder is fulfilling his quest to become "
an official member of nature's paparazzi." Always entertaining!

Laura has left Duluth and accepted a position with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. But, as you can see from her blog, her heart is still in Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Although Liz does not blog (although I wish she did), take a look at her web site. Her latest treat for us is the web cam in her back yard so we can watch the birds at her elaborate feeder setup.

Since Lynne got her Canon XTi, her photography has improved by leaps & bounds. You can just see how she enjoys birds and nature. Her other great talent is writing -- always inspiring & uplifting.

Mike & Lizette encourage me to explore. You never know where their next trip will be, whether near or far. Fun reading and looking!

Two blogs that remind me of my interest in birds while in grade and high school are those of Bird Girl and the SW WI birder. If you want to see nature through young eyes, check them out.

I was surprised to learn that I had met the Weekend Shooter some 25 years ago when we were both working in Paynesville, MN. Of all of these blogs and sites, his photography is probably the most diverse, although birds are always there. I think I can relate well to him since both of us remember processing film and making prints in darkrooms. I don't know anyone else who would fit Canon lenses on Nikons to get the best possible photos.

Last, but certainly not least, is Mike Hendrickson -- an outspoken birder who established the Sax-Zim Birding Festival and never backs down from a challenge. If controversy energizes you, you need to read Mike's blog (although I think lately he has become more mellow). If you need a birding guide, call him!