Sunday, May 4, 2008

it ain't just butter-butts (Yellow-rumped Warblers)

After my fiasco at Carlos Avery in March, I was in no hurry to get back there. Also, the Refuge closed the roads for a while, as they usually do until the frost goes out. When I couldn't get a hold of the folks at Carlos to see if they were open, I emailed Craig of Craig's Birds since he lives near there and visits frequently to take excellent photos of the wildlife. He assured me I could get through. Encouraged, I headed out last Wednesday. Craig was right; there were only a couple of spots like the one pictured below -- and they could easily be avoided.

My first turtles of the year.

The first bird to welcome me was this Mourning Dove.

What really excited me was the call of this Sandhill Crane. But why was he taking off?

It was in answer to a call from the one above. They flew off together. I wonder if they will nest at Carlos -- or head further up north?

I'm not very good at shore birds. (That's why I've signed up for my second shore-bird seminar this August.) Lesser Yellowlegs, maybe?

Of course, the Bald Eagles were present -- in trees ...

... and high in the air.

The highlight of the day for me, however, was this Palm Warbler. This one is for you, Jeff.

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