Friday, May 2, 2008

Wargo Nature Center

I was so happy with my visit to Springbrook Tuesday morning, I decided to hit Wargo in the afternoon. I hadn't been there yet this year. One thing that had kept me from going was the substantial construction work in the area; you can get to the Center only from the north -- check out the detour map and instructions on the web site I've linked above.

I arrived 5 minutes before about 100 first-graders. It was fun to watch and listen to these excited kids. Don't ask why they're sticking fingers in their ears -- I don't know!

As usual, I don't seem to encounter that many birds at Wargo -- it's probably just me. The photos I did get weren't worth sharing. This Osprey nest is just outside the Center; you can see it on the north side as you drive in. One of the workers told me that a pair had been checking it out, but, in her opinion, had not decided whether to nest there or not. They certainly have a substantial structure there. Last year a pair (same one?) started a nest, but did not finish it.

A herd of five deer was waiting for me by the exit to the main road from the north.

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