Sunday, May 18, 2008

this afternoon at Carlos

Late this afternoon I visited Carlos Avery. I hadn't taken any bird photos for nearly a week as I was debating with myself whether to continue (for reasons I won't discuss). However, I discovered that I really "need" to be out there -- to watch -- to photograph -- and then share what I've seen. The motivation for this is difficult to describe. I certainly do not make money doing this -- nor have I achieved fame -- nor do I expect either in the future, particularly with the limited skills I have at my age. It's more of a spiritual thing -- such as I discuss on my other blog. I hope that I may awaken the desire in others to enjoy nature -- appreciate God's creation -- and depict it in some artistic form -- whether photography, painting, drawing, writing, or some manner that I haven't even thought of. I think of the coffee slogan: "Life is short, stay awake for it."

The goslings have hatched at Carlos.
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