Sunday, April 15, 2007

tripod leg covers

In my April 13th post about going to Spring- brook on a chilly morn- ing, I was com- plaining about how cold my hands got from carrying my tripod; in addition, the next morning, my left shoulder was sore from carrying the tripod with my camera attached for over 5 hours. I figured both problems could be solved with soft covers for the top of each tripod leg. Unfortunately, such covers are rather expensive. Art Morris sells come for about $50; others I've seen are in the same price range. Therefore, I decided to try some foam pipe insulation. I found it at Beisswenger's Hardware in New Brighton, MN. For about $5 I got a package of the stuff enough for 3 tripods or more. The insulation was for 1" pipe; although the tripod legs are about 1.25", it seemed to fit OK. The foam is soft, so it should be easy on my shoulder. The only thing I don't know is how durable it will be in the field; but the stuff is so cheap, it shouldn't matter.